Sarah Deshan

Sarah Deshan

Sarah Deshan



Student examples:

"My favorite aspect of music is the collaborative creativity that it fosters. I love being able to share my love and appreciation for music with my students, be they 5 or 85, and I am so proud of all of their accomplishments!”

Sarah holds her B.A. from Barnard College, where she studied Urban Studies and Music. After graduating Sarah spent two years serving in the Peace Corps in Mauritania, West Africa. She has been teaching piano here at Bethel Music Center since her return to the U.S. in 2009, and she is currently BMC’s Lesson Supervisor. In addition to teaching, Sarah is the pianist at Bethel United Methodist Church, and loves singing with the choir on a capella pieces. She also accompanies various high school choirs in Bethel, New Fairfield and Danbury, as well as vocal and instrumental soloists in BMC recitals. Sarah's other interests include martial arts, calligraphy, and learning to play the organ. Her future goals are to continue playing, teaching, and learning music for as long as possible!

The Music School's piano lessons are an exciting way to bring music into you or your child's schedule!

Do you want to jam with your friends? Learn to play pop, jazz, classical, or opera! From Bach to Tchaikovsky, learn the finest pieces from the greats! Perhaps you'd like to play piano as a stress reliever or for physical therapy? Maybe you always wanted to learn to play piano but never had the time. Learning to play the piano will develop problem solving skills, discipline, and self expression.

Learn how to:

  • Play your favorite songs
  • Apply proper technique
  • Use music theory
  • Play like your favorite artists

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