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First Flutes

A student’s first flute should have closed hole keys (called plateau style) and an offset G key. This accommodates the smaller hands of a beginning player. All first flutes chosen by BMC feature nickel-silver alloys to produce a superior tone at an affordable price and are silver plated to provide protection for those with the common allergy to nickel while providing a beautiful finish.

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Step-Up Flutes

Intermediate model flutes offer the durability of a student instrument yet have the sensitive response and accurate intonation of a professional instrument. Step-up level flutes are almost always open-hole flutes, which create a warmer, cleaner tone (Hole-plugs are included for use while learning). Most will also come with a low B footjoint. Many students at this level have acquired enough experience to be ready to improve their sound with a solid sterling silver flute. All upper-level flutes chosen by BMC feature solid sterling silver headjoints. Some intermediate flutes also feature solid sterling silver body and footjoints, which dramatically increase the tonal quality of the flute.

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Professional Flutes

Professional instruments are an investment, and professional flutes are no exception. All pro flutes are French-style flutes (open-hole). Professional model flutes typically feature an undercut embouchure hole, low B footjoint, and gold springs. Several options are available for a professional flute; such as a gold-plated lip plate, an offset G key, and heavywall body thickness. Our upper-level flutes are aimed at the discerning, advanced player.

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